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Les Enfants Sauvage "Roi des Lézards" Rouge '14


Les Enfants Sauvage "Roi des Lézards" Rouge '14

Nikolaus and Colin Bantlin, originally from Germany, fell in love with France on holiday, moved to the Langeudoc-Roussillon in Southern France and never looked back.  "Les Enfant Sauvages" not only translates to "Wild Child" in reference to Jim Morrison and The Doors' song, but embodies it.  To quote their importer, T. Edwards' website, the Bantlin's have found "salvation in the wild state of nature."  Their small winery is surrounded by forest and natural inhabitants, creating a natural and fairly harmonious ecosystem that their vines thrive upon (apart from the occasional wild hog that's hungry for grapes).  Nikolaus has formal training at one of Rudolf Steiner's schools in Germany, who is the founder of biodynamic farming.  The winery implements this practice along with organic practices.   "Roi des Lézards" translates to "King of Lizards" (another Doors reference if you're a Doors fan).  This is 100% Carignan that ages in large, oak foudres.  With such a large size of barrel, the fruit and minerality really shine - plum, violets, a touch of leather, with a plush mouthfeel that doesn't push more than medium in body.  This is a delicious wine that's near the Mediterranean as well as the border of Spain along the Pyrenees-Orientales Mountains.  Such beauty translated into this bottle!




Producer Les Enfants Sauvage
Vintage 2014
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Carignan


3 / 5


3 / 5


3 / 5


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3 / 5


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