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Monte Bernardi "Italia Ti Amo" '16


Monte Bernardi "Italia Ti Amo" '16

Monte Bernardi is located in the heart of Chianti Classico in a town called Panzano, known for being one of Tuscany's original winemaking regions.  This estate is rich in history dating back to 1085.  The Schmelzer family purchased Monte Bernardi in 2003 and has since invested great amounts of time and love in the vineyards, the winery and villa. They even converted to certified organic and biodynamic practices since 2004.  Previously, the grapes were sold to neighboring farms, but when Schmelzer bought the domaine, he wanted to capture the place and its historic, classic terroir.  He went as far as to cut down heavily to the base of the vines to allow them to start fresh and rid of any remaining chemical traces.  The vineyards thrive off of a variety of soils types including classic types of the Tuscan area such as Galestro (shale) and Albarese (limestone) and older vines, some up to 40 years old, south-facing and with a higher elevation at 350m that's surrounded by forests.  

As a praise to all things Italian, Schmelzer wanted to create a fun bottling of traditional Italian varieties.  The label sports a variety of colors and the bottle shape is unique yet fun and approachable, too - 1 liter and squat shaped.  Schmelzer says it's a new Italian “Flask” or “Fiasco”, to share with family and friends; making Italian wine an integral part of every meal within or outside of Italy.  

While we don't know the exact blend or percentages, that's not the point once you encounter its inherent drinkability, which seems to be its purpose to serve.  What we do know is that it's about showcasing native varietals; this wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino.  This sees 80% concrete and 20% stainless steel fermentation, creating freshness and vibrancy.  Subtle spice and herbal elements lie underneath bright, fruity berry tones.




Producer Monte Bernardi
Vintage 2016
Format 1L


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