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Pax Valdigué "Quail Run Vineyard" '18


Pax Valdigué "Quail Run Vineyard" '18

Pax & Pam Mahle have been making wine under their label for almost 20 years now and have truly conquered cult status in the world of California wines, working toward legendary with the California circle of low-intervention winemaking.

Working exclusively with cool climate vineyard sites, primarily in Sonoma and Mendocino, their approach is holistic and mindful. Everything from location, soil type, dedicated farmers, exposition, sustainable materials present, are evaluated in their decision of which sites to work with. The Mahle's remain very hands-on in relationship with their growers as well as in the vineyards themselves, yet hands-off enough to allow the vines to exist naturally, and not through manipulation.

Quail Run Vineyard is found in Mendocino. Farming to this site is done organically. Valdiguié was once referred to as Napa Gamay in California because of its similarities in flavor and appearance to Gamay. It wasn't until 1980 that it was discovered that Valdiguié is in fact from the Languedoc in France, where it is called Gros Auxerrois and not very well-known. It wasn't until the mid-2000s that wineries stopped labeling it as Gamay Beaujolais and finally started referring to it as its native varietal name. Now the varietal is being embraced by many progressive wineries, like Pax.

Grown for its dark color and low alcohol at full ripeness, this deeply flavored red is loaded with spice and bold, dark fruit. Valdiguié can handle hot days and not have its sugars spike and acids drop. It also produces great yields and is resistant to most diseases.

This wine is carbonically macerated in steel and aged four months in concrete, with zero sulfur added; bottled unfined/unfiltered. With the release of the 2018 vintage, fresh after bottling, there's no better time to drink Valdiguié than right now. It's food-friendly, great right out of the bottle and even delightful with a slight chill to it.




Producer Pax
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Valdigué


4 / 5


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1 / 5


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