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Punta Crena Mataòssu "Vigneto Reiné" '15


Punta Crena Mataòssu "Vigneto Reiné" '15

Tucked up north, just west of Piedmont, is the picturesque, coastal region of Liguria.  And in the northern part of Liguria, is the sunny town of Varigotti where the Ruffino family continues to make wines of only native grape varietals of the area - some in which they are now the only producers working with these once popular varietals of Liguria - such as Mataòssu - Mataò-what?!  This, is Punta Crena (named after the promontory that juts into the sea at the edge of the village).   Mataòssu (pronounced mah-tah-OHSS-soo) are from vines planted in 1930 and while a finicky grape to grow, Punta Crena seems to have wrangled it in, creating a wine that's enjoyable now while fresh, but has potential to mature and develop over time.  It has great texture from both the grape and some time spent on its lees, with that salinous character that can be typical of a wine grown in such proximity to a large body of water, balanced out with fresh fruit tones and subtle herbal notes.  This wine is great with vegetables, fried food, seafood.   Where the weather is almost near perfect practically year-round, you find happy, friendly people like Paolo and his son Tommaso making wines that make not only make us excited, but that they take great pride in as well.  They are a great example of tradition - generations spent on cultivating what is true to the area, and if you asked them how or why they do it the way they do, they will simply laugh and say that they just do everything the same way their family has always done it.




Producer Punta Crena
Vintage 2015
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Mataòssu


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