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Statti "Lamezia Rosso" '16


Statti "Lamezia Rosso" '16

Statti has been a benchmark winery for Calabria since the 18th century.  The ancient name for Calabria is Enotria Tellus, which means "land of wine." For over two thousand years the agricultural history of Calabria has been entwined with wine's history for this region, and since 1700, the family of Baron Statti has been living on the same 500 hectares, where there are olive groves, citrus groves and various other plantings, including 100 hectares in which is dedicated to vineyards. If anyone has an understanding of the place, Statti is on the top of the list.  

The vineyard site is Lamezia Terme, hence the bottling's name.  This is a blend of all indigenous varietals: 40% Gaglioppo, 40% Greco Nero, 20% Magliocco.  Gaglioppo is often referred to as the "southern Nebbiolo" because the grapes historically used to be shipped up to Piedmont where it was once scandalously used (a very long time ago); their similarities are uncanny.  There is a sharp structure to the wine, yet the weight of the wine on your palate is more at ease and lifted, in comparison.  Small, red berries and big floral components dominate the grape's profile.  The soil is loose and sandy, which also lends itself to this unique varietal's structure.  The characteristics of the fruit is the only thing that sets them apart, seeing Calabria's climate is much warmer and Mediterranean than Piedmont's.  Its blending components help round the wine out and add additional tannin and color.  The wine is aged in tank to preserve its character.  Enjoy this with a wide spectrum of food from steak to pasta dishes, eggplant, peppers and other various roasted vegetables.  




Producer Statti
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml


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