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Tatomer Rosé of Pinot Noir, Edna Valley '17


Tatomer Rosé of Pinot Noir, Edna Valley '17

Graham Tatomer’s interest in wine began when he was 16, when he worked at Santa Barbara Winery. It wasn’t until years later that his job grew into a passion and he decided to move to the Wachau, in Austria, and found mentorship – and a second family – among the Knolls. His relationship with the younger Emmerich Knoll, just a few year’s Graham’s senior, unfolded as a series of lessons in balancing family legacy with the continuous progress and renewal presented by each passing vintage.

Today, Graham makes wines of a clear Austrian pedigree – they are haltingly alluring in their presentation of power, precision, and detail – but their tenor is wholly idiosyncratic: they belong to the soils and climes of Santa Barbara. He has identified superior sites for these two white varieties, and has made strides, in concert with their farmers, to dictate their farming – even when receiving mere fractions of their yields. He often picks with multiple passes in the interest of celebrating diverse textures and expressions of flavor, and sorts even further to promote purity and singular bottlings. What’s more, he enjoys the region’s favored varieties, too, and can stand alongside the best of his peers in producing tensile, delicate Pinot Noir – in minute quantities.

The resulting wine illustrates this clearly. The wine is both edgy and rich.  100% Pinot Noir, stainless steel, aged sur lie (on its lees, contributing to that richness of the wine).




Producer Tatomer
Vintage 2017
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Pinot Noir


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