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Thierry Tissot Altesse Mataret '09


Thierry Tissot Altesse Mataret '09

The Tissot family runs a true farm in Bugey, an Alpine hamlet found in Eastern France near Savoie. In 2001 when Thierry Tissot came home with an oenology degree, he set out to exclusively focus on winemaking back at the family farm.

Thierry wanted to revive a once-legendary vineyard site, Mataret, where the disposition shows calcareous rich soils, modest elevation and southwest exposure. Perfect for cultivating what Bugey's appellation has become recognized for: high tones of minerality, high acid, low tannin and relatively lower alcohol content. The region is one for any true oenophile to put on their radar and begin exploring!

Thierry cleared the hillside and planted it with Altesse and Mondeuse, two indigenous varietals; the grapes seems to love the steep, calcareous, sun-drenched slopes of its native land. Altesse is a low yielding varietal, slowing ripening and often picked later in harvest season.

The varietal's potential showcases great, natural concentration due to its low yielding nature. Flavors and aromas lean toward subtle notes of stone and citrus fruits, in addition to honeyed, nutty, and floral flavors and deep minerality, which only develop further with age. Thierry's wine is fermented completely dry, and then spends about 6 months on its lees, in tank.

The wine has good acidity and the potential to age in bottle - that last bit is crucial: Altesse has the capacity to age very gracefully when well-made. And here, we present to you a 2009 bottling of Altesse, to be able to show you this varietal's ultimate potential, especially when in the hands of one of the best.

From one of our favorite importers, DeMaison Selections's website, to quote Thierry: "One of the recurring themes you hear about when talking to winemakers about Altesse is this evolution in bottle. As Thierry Tissot explains, "Altesse tends to produce wines that are muted when young. But then they gain lots of body, finesse, and length as they age. The wines become very elegant."...Even then, though, Altesse produces wines that are often understated and subtle, especially when lined up with other more powerful wines. As Thierry says, his Altesse is "not an exuberant wine. It won't jump out at you with open arms." You need to take a little time to concentrate of these wines to appreciate them properly, and they benefit enormously from being opened a little before drinking."

Food for thought. Wine for food. You'll be happy you didn't know about this wine 10 years ago, until now, as it was time well spent - or wine well spent, in bottle.




Producer Thierry Tissot
Vintage 2009
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Altesse


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