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Tiberio Pecorino, Colline Pescaresi, Abruzzo '18


Tiberio Pecorino, Colline Pescaresi, Abruzzo '18

Tiberio's story has a unique path, that diverts away from the classic, traditional storyline that typically accompanies Italian winemaking.  The Tiberio family have not been making wine for generations.  It was something that Riccardo Tiberio literally stumbled upon.  23 miles inland from the seaside town of Pescara in Abruzzo, Riccardo Tiberio found an old plot of Trebbiano Abruzzese vines roughly 60 years old so impressive that he decided to change his and his family’s story.  In 2000, he purchased 8 hectares of vineyards, and the rest is history.

By 2008 Riccardo handed the reigns over to his daughter Cristiana, who had quite the impressive resumé making this a more than natural transition into the family business.  

Pecorino is an ancient variety that has always called the Appennine ridges of the Marche and Abruzzo its home. A naturally low yielding variety, over the centuries farmers shifted away from the varietal instead to plant easier to grow, more productive varieties.  And so, Pecorino was all but forgotten, and nearly extinct by the 1970s. But as it goes, times change, and today high yields are less important than they once were; modern day wine lovers now clamor for high quality grape varieties, like Pecorino. 

Pecorino is at its best in the hillsides of Abruzzo where elevation is fairly moderate, like in Cugnoli where Tiberio resides.  They are using an ancient clone, via massale selection, grown in limestone-rich marl.  Pecorino puts out a naturally lush and textural style, full of delicate notes of stone fruit, white flowers and fresh herbs.  There is a bright mineral tinge, highlighted by acidity that cuts through the richness, keeping it light and fresh on the palate.

It's always a great idea to channel the style of cuisine from where the wine comes from, when it comes to Italy.  Food and wine are intertwined so tightly, that it's hard to consider one without the other.  Eat like Abruzzo, with fresh seafood, pasta, white beans, light proteins and anything that errs on the side of fresh.  




Producer Agricola Tiberio
Vintage 2018
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Pecorino


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