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Trans Douro Express "Eremitas - Antão do Deserto" '16


Trans Douro Express "Eremitas - Antão do Deserto" '16

Mateus Nicolau de Almeida comes from a brilliant lineage of winegrowers: the Almeida clan owned Ramos Pinto and the family is still responsible for the winemaking at this reputable Port house; Mateus’ grandfather made Barca Velha, arguably the most iconic and historically important dry wine made in the Douro, paving the way for all that came after him. His father continues to make wine under his own quinta, Quinta do Monte Xisto, in the Douro Superior area, nearby Mateus' winery. Mateus has a unique and refreshing approach when it comes to making his wines; he has three red and three white selections, all the same varietals but the difference lies in where the vineyards are located.  This is a great example of what the new generation of Portuguese winemakers are doing.  He works with a deep respect for what nature has given him and so he uses a lighter touch in the cellar.  As he says, he wants to show the "climate" of the area; it's not about what he does in the winery, it's about what goes on in the vineyard and that is the essence he is trying to bottling and capture to bring the Douro to us when we are not there ourselves. His whites are made from 100% Rabigato.  To keep them distinguished from his reds, they lead with "Eremitus," which translates to hermit; the wines are named after the early Christian monks known as the desert monks, who isolated themselves in the desert meditating and searching for enlightenment.  "Antão do Deserto" is planted at the middle point of the three wines, approximately 500m. in elevation, on schist soils.  The fruit macerates on skins for a few hours in a granite basin, sometimes pressed by foot, located within the vineyards (this is very traditional for the region). After pressing, the wine is racked into concrete vats where it ferments spontaneously without temperature control and is unoaked.  The wine is textural, floral - if you like Alsacation whites, this will be right up your alley.  Enjoy this with various fish and seafood dishes.




Producer Mateus Nicolau de Almeida
Vintage 2016
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Rabigato


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