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Vietti Freisa Vivace '17


Vietti Freisa Vivace '17

The rare yet historic grape variety called Freisa is making a comeback, thanks to winery's like Vietti. We believe it is a must try for any fan of the wines of Piedmont. The "Vivace" style of Freisa is a combination of partial whole cluster fermentation and the winery taking some of the must, freezing it, and once it comes time to bottle, they put the juice in the bottle to seal off and let the juice ferment in bottle, creating a fizzy adventure for your palate. Enjoy with a chill, as well! Perfect to stock up on for summer, as it'll be refreshing and a game changer as you pair it with grilled meats such as lamb and pork. Don't forget, Freisa is genetically linked to Nebbiolo, so it has incredible acidity, a finessed structure and depth in flavor.




Producer Vietti
Vintage 2017
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Freisa


4 / 5


2 / 5


3 / 5


1 / 5


4 / 5


1 / 5

Piemonte, Italy


The history of the Vietti winery traces its roots back to the 19th Century, offering wines under its own label in the 20th century. Vietti has grown to one of the top-level producers in Piemonte and was one of the first to export its products to the US market.

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