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Vignalta Sauvignon Blanc '17


Vignalta Sauvignon Blanc '17

Although Italy is full of native varietals, Northeastern Italy is one of the best suited areas for Bordeaux varietals, such as Sauvignon Blanc, or as it's referred to in Italy, like Madonna or Cher, as simply, Sauvignon.

Colli Euganei is now a demarcated region in the Veneto, where vines grow on the hills which rise up from the Venetian plain, just to the south-west of Padova, once a part of the Adriatic Sea. The hills' volcanic origin gives way to soils rich in minerals, such as limestone, a unique terroir unlike its neighboring regions. Vignalta means "high vines," boasting the 2,000 ft. elevation in which the vines are planted on.

Winemaker, Lucio Gomiero, was once a radicchio farmer (the world's largest, in fact), who initially made wine for fun - but isn't that how any passion starts? It's no doubt this became a full-time venture! Gomiero sold the radicchio business, and now devotes himself to Vignalta's winery, solely.

The Sauvignon is fresh and minerally. Subtly ripe citrus emerges with grace, as it is fresh but not over the top, with delicate white flowers through a wonderful mouthfeel, accentuated from great sun exposure so high up in the hills.




Producer Vignalta
Vintage 2017
Format 750ml
Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc


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